Children who have completed kindergarten but have not completed fifth grade can join a Cub Scout pack, in any grade. Cub scouts are divided by grade into Tigers, Cubs and Webelos.


  • Tiger Cub—Must have completed kindergarten or be in the first grade, or be 7 age              

  • Cub Scout—Must have completed first grade but not completed third grade, or be age 8 or 9.      

  • Webelos Scout—Must have completed third grade but not completed fifth grade, or be  age 10 but not yet 11.


While many children join the program in August or September at the beginning of the school year,

Waterloo packs are welcoming at any time of the year.

Scouting is filled with fun, adventure and values that last a lifetime. Men who were Scouts five for

more years as children are expected to excel above their non-Scouting peer.


The data suggests Scouts:

  • Graduate from high school (91% versus 87%)

  • Graduate from college (35% versus 19%)

  • Earn higher annual household incomes ($80,000 versus $61,000)

  • Have lifelong friendships (89% versus 74%)

  • Attend religious services (87% versus 77%)


Scouting helps strengthen families by bringing parents and boys together for projects and activities. 

At least 90% of parents surveyed said that because of Cub Scouting, they share time with

their children by


  • Working on projects together 95%

  • Going places together 91%

  • Talking together 90%


Scouting also provides structure to bring parents and their youth together for projects and activities. In the end, the most important part of Scouting projects and activities is not the projects or activities themselves – it is the valuable bond Scouts share with their parents or guardians


Participation of Siblings:

In order for boys to participate in Scout activities, we recognize parents may need to bring his non-Scouting siblings. The entire family is welcome to attend and participate in almost all Cub Scout activities. 


Parents who bring other children are responsible for supervising them and making sure they do not distract from planned activities.  For Boy Scout activities, parents and siblings are welcome at unit meetings, parades, and courts of honor. Siblings do not routinely attend Boy Scout camp outs or advancement classes; parents but may attend however they are not required to do so.


Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts Each Cub Scout is part of a Pack. Waterloo has 29 Cub Scout packs (August 2017). Some Cub Scout packs meet immediately after school and others meet in the evening. For information on where and when each pack meets contact our District Director.


To join Cub Scouts, a parent or guardian will

  • Complete and sign a Cub Scout Registration Form. Ask your unit leader for a copy.

  • Complete the Annual Health and Medical Record. Ask your unit leader for a copy.

  • Return the completed forms to the Cubmaster for the pack

  • Pay a registration fee of $10


Scouting charges fees for membership, events and trips. Council and unit fundraising will help with those costs, and will give a Scouts a chance to earn the money he needs to participate in summer camp or other programs. PLEASE NOTE: The Capitol Area Council strongly believes money should not keep anyone from enjoying the Scouting program. If you’d like more information about this, contact our District Director.


Parent Time Commitment for Cub Scouts:


Waterloo offers parents an opportunity to support the program with their time and talents; we encourage parent involvement at the pack and district level however, we realize that work and family responsibilities limit the ability of some parents to become involved; for this reason, Waterloo does not require parental involvement. All are welcome in the program.  For those parents who want to become adult leaders, Waterloo offers many adult training opportunities in Scouting skills.


Cost of Cub Scouting


We are glad to report that Waterloo Scouts including Scouts from financially disadvantaged families have been able to attend many camp outs and adventures. Although donors enable Waterloo to offer “camperships” to help financially disadvantaged families pay for a large part of the costs. (The Capitol Area Council believes that no Scout should be denied a camp experience due to cost, and works to meet the need of all Scouts who want to enjoy the outdoor experience. This is done by providing financial assistance youth members of the Capitol Area Council who wish to attend one of our programs up to 50% of the total cost. To be eligible, a family must include details regarding family situation and Scouting participation. Limited funds are available to assist Scouts in the Capitol Area Council attending camp so the earlier you submit an application, the better. Request are approved when simple criteria are met.)


We ensure Waterloo Scouts still work to raise money for their trips; Scouts earn money by selling popcorn, discount camp cards, and other items. Almost always, any Waterloo Scout willing to work to go on a camp or adventure has been able to do so. In Waterloo, we do our part to make Scouting available to everyone who wants it.


The Waterloo Cub Scout program is fun and a wonderful opportunity. We welcome your family to the program and hope you will to join us