Information for Both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts


The Waterloo District has Scouting programs for children ages 6 to 21. The program is primarily organized by educational stages. In some instances age rather than grade determines the type of unit some Scouts will joins. Scouts 14 and over may be members of a Boy Scout troop while participating in a Venture crew, Varsity team or Explorer post.


Why join the scouts? There are many youth organizations, including sports, service clubs, fitness and educational programs. We salute them all for the work they do to help young people. Scouting unleashes its value best to young children by providing programs and activities that:


  • allow trying new things,
  • provide service to others,
  • build self-confidence, and
  • reinforce ethical standards


Scouting is filled with fun, adventure and values that last a lifetime. Adults who were Scouts for five or more years as children are expected to excel above their non-Scouting peers. The data suggests Scouts:


  • Graduate from high school (91% versus 87%)
  • Graduate from college (35% versus 19%)
  • Earn higher annual household incomes ($80,000 versus $61,000)
  • Have lifelong friendships (89% versus 74%)
  • Attend religious services (87% versus 77%)


Scouting helps make families stronger by bringing boys and parents together for projects and activities. At least 90% of parents surveyed said that because of Cub Scouting, they share time with their children by:


  • Working on projects together 95%
  • Going places together 91%
  • Talking together 90%


In the end, the most important part of Scouting projects and activities is not the projects or activities themselves – it is the valuable bond Scouts share with their parents or guardians.  



Waterloo strives to encourage multilingual families to join Scouting by weaving Spanish and English into all forms of communication. For scouts or parents who are best able to communicate in Spanish, all information on our websites, e-mail notifications and forms are in Spanish and English. Scout handbooks and many merit badge pamphlets are published in both languages and Waterloo will help parents obtain translations of those not yet published in Spanish. We have multilingual volunteers and professional staff available at many district and unit events.


Participation of Siblings:

In order to participate in Scout activities, we recognize parents may need to bring his non-Scouting siblings. The entire family is welcome to attend and participate in almost all Cub Scout activities. 


Parents who bring other children are responsible for supervising them and making sure they do not distract from the planned activities. For Boy Scout activities, parents and siblings are welcome at unit meetings, parades, and courts of honor. Siblings do not routinely attend Boy Scout camp outs or advancement classes; parents may attend however they are not required to do so.