Pack 62 is a traditional Cub Scout unit in Manor, Texas.  We meet from 3:00 – 5:00 PM most Sundays.  Our pack is made up of dedicated leaders who have just as much fun as the kids do!  The cub scouts in Pack 62 attend schools in Manor, Elgin, Austin and various charter schools such as KIPP: Austin. 


Our families are very involved with scouting and we strive to support one another as we work closely within our communities to live by the Scout Oath and follow the Scout Law.  It is a wonderful feeling to see goals met and awards earned but the true satisfaction is seeing the parent’s pride shine through.

In Pack 62, families participate in a lot of activities such as the Austin Pow Wow, Camping, Fishing, Archery, Shooting Sports and parades just to name a few.  Join us and begin your adventure today!