Pack 0044 T.A.Brown

Coordinator: Keira Hurst

Principal: Veronica Sharp


I have been with Pack 0044 since before the New School was built. On my first day I arrived and met Ms Shreen (ACE Coordinator at the time), SHe asked if I was the Scout Leader. I said “Yes I am, I’m Ms Netta”. She smiled and said “ I hope you are going to stay and that the kids like you.” I smiled and said “I don’t plan on going anywhere.” With a smile she introduced me to the Scouts. We went to the room and the questions started. “ How long have I been ‘doing this’?”, “How long am I going to stay?”, “ Did i know that I’m a Girl?” , “What are my qualifications?”, “Do I have children?”( they were sitting in the room), and some of my favorites, “How old are you?”, “How many children do I have?”, “Am I sure on that number?”. If you can tell they really veted me.

The meetings were going great , and one Tuesday morning I received a call from Ms Shreen and he said the school was not in use and the school was going to be moved temporarily. Then she asked, “If they got to do the after school program will I come back?” Without thinking I said, “Yes, Absolutely”. ( She sounded like she was crying). I talked to my District Executive at the time. And they agreed. 


A few weeks later I got a call that they were having the After School program again and If I would come back. It was Go Time! ( I kept hearing a voice in the background asking” Isshe coming back?”, that was Mrs Sharp) When I arrived at the first temporary campus as soon as the Scouts saw me they all got up and ran to me and were all saying at once and some were crying, how happy they were to see me, they were afraid that Scouts were done and thank you for not leaving them.

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Fast Forward four years……. We are in the new T.A.Brown building, We have the Fabulous Miss Kiera Hurst, and the Scouts that I had when I started at the school are all going for their Arrow of Light. Some have moved and I hope they continued Scouting, but this is definitely a Pack and School that will always be close to my heart. she coming back?”,