Pack 0539 Blanton Elementary, B.A.S.E. Program

Coordinator: Mrs Karon Smutzer


Working with Mrs Karon for the last 5 school years we have become a close family. Most of my Scouts I have known before they were old enough to be in Scouts. They either joined in the summer of their second grade year or at he beginning on the school year. With the exception of the girls that joined.


On some days Lillie Castellow would make such a fuss that she would sit in on a meeting or two because as she said, “My brothers get to have fun. Why can’t I?” (they are triplets).


So on the last day of school of their 3rd grade year she turned in her application and said “ I know you have to wait to turn it in to your boss, but can I start Scouts during the summer?” I said “Yes”, because June 1st of that year girls could officially be in the Cub Scout Program.


 All of my Scouts have been high energy, hard working Scouts since the first day they joined. They do the Scout Law and Oath in the Waterloo Dialect of Sign Language, they stay up on current events, and they really listen to what I have to say, because they never know what will be asked in one of “Ms Netta’s Trivia Days”.