• Work with a Scout unit

  • Work with the District Committee

  • Be a Paid Leader

  • Donate new or used camping and Scout gear

  • Donate Funds

Waterloo is a growing program that currently has 29 Cub Scout packs and 11 Boy Scout troops. Each of those units meets weekly and most need additional adult support. The District Committee is responsible for organizing monthly camping, service, training and advancement activities for all Waterloo units. While no scouting experience is needed to be a Waterloo volunteer, we welcome Travis County scouters looking for a new scouting challenge. We welcome Eagle Scouts and former scouts now in college or starting a career who would like to give back to scouting. Some jobs for specific events are one-time commitments and other jobs require a longer commitment. Talk to us about a job that fits your interests and schedule.


Work with a Scout Unit:

Most of our units need additional adult volunteers as unit committee members or as unit commissioners. Committee members help the Cubmaster or Scoutmaster leading the unit by helping at weekly meetings, organize activities, with transportation, and coordinating with the school or church sponsoring the unit. No prior scouting experience is required. Unit commissioners are adults with scouting experience who provide advice and assistance to three to five units for a year.


Work with the District Committee:

The District Committee is composed of volunteers who support the individual units by organizing district campouts and other activities, providing training to unit volunteers, organizing advancement opportunities and recognition events and helping scouts with fundraising activities. The District Committee does its work through a set of subcommittees that share the work. No prior scouting experience is required to work on one of these subcommittees.  Help is needed throughout the year. Talk to us about a job that fits your interests and schedule.

Be a Paid Unit Leader

 For the scout units at Title I lower and middle schools the Cubmasters and Scoutmasters are paid leaders. Unit leaders can be men or women, young or old. Most paid leaders are Eagle Scouts or Gold Award Girl Scouts majoring in Education, Criminal Justice, Psychology or something related where these opportunities can serve as excellent work experience for their resumes.  We would be glad to talk with retirees or others whose schedule permits them to work with units immediately after school and on weekends. We look for people who can make a minimum commitment for one year and prefer those able to do the job for two or three years.

They are not paid much but decent for a part time job while going to college and their commission pay comes in the way of a million smiles each week. Expenses for supplies and some travel are reimbursed by the district.

Donate New or Used Camping and Scout Gear

If you have camping equipment or Scout uniforms or gear you would like to donate simply take it to the reception desk at the Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center. You'll meet Misty, our friendly front desk receptionist and volunteer extraordinaire. She will provide a receipt for your donation.


Waterloo does not just give the scouts the items you donate as charity. Instead we give scouts who cannot afford to buy the gear the opportunity to earn it. Scouts can earn “scout bucks” to purchase donated gear with good grades on their report cards, with service hours, and with credit from popcorn sales and other fundraising activities.


Donate funds

Through the Friends of Scouting program the Capitol Area Council annually makes a major financial commitment to serving economically disadvantaged youth through Waterloo District. Council funding covers paid leaders and allows us to provide individual support for Waterloo scouts by reducing the cost of scout registration, scout handbooks, attendance at summer camp, attendance at other camps, and other activities. However, additional funds will allow us to expand and enrich the program. This link to our Council's donation site goes straight to the Waterloo Scouting account: Click here to donate to Waterloo Scouts