Scouting is a values-based program with its own code of conduct. It is fun with a purpose.


The Scout Oath and Law help instill the values of good conduct, respect for others, and honesty. Scouts learn skills that will last a lifetime, including basic outdoor skills, first aid, citizenship skills, leadership skills, how to work with adults, and how to get along with others.


For over a century, Scouting has instilled in young men the values and knowledge that they will need to become leaders in their communities and country.


To accomplish this mission each District develops a program for the boys and families it serves and seeks to serve.


The middle school years are among the most important and often the most challenging for a boy as he grows from a boy to a young man. How he spends his time outside school and with whom he spends it, can significantly impact his future as a student,  worker, and citizen.

Scouting provides a positive environment during the middle school years where the boy has an opportunity to develop leadership, self-confidence, self-reliance and success through advancement; we help do this by encouraging and supporting the boy’s academic performance.


Waterloo provides each boy with an opportunity to advance through the ranks and become an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Scouting. There are also other meaningful recognition Scouts can earn during middle school and high school.

Children who have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10 or 11 or have earned the Arrow of Light Award.


Children can join in any grade from six to twelve. While many join the program in August or September at the beginning of the school year, Waterloo troops welcomes all to join Boy Scouts at any time of the year.


Waterloo has 11 Boy Scout Troops as of August 2017. Some troops meet immediately after school and others meet in the evening. For information on troop meetings, click here. If you are unsure which troop is best, contact our district executive.

To join Boy Scouts, a parent or guardian will


  • Complete and sign a Boy Scout Registration Form. Ask your unit leader for a copy.

  • Complete the Annual Health and Medical Record. Ask your unit leader for a copy.

  • Return the completed forms to the Scoutmaster for the boy’s troop

  • Pay a registration fee 


Scouting charges fees for membership, events and trips. Council and unit fundraising will help with those costs, and will give a Scouts a chance to earn the money he needs to participate in summer camp or other programs. PLEASE NOTE: The Capitol Area Council strongly believes money should not keep anyone from enjoying the Scouting program. If you’d like more information about this, contact our district executive.

The Scout’s Time Commitment:


During the school year Waterloo troops have weekly troop meetings, a monthly advancement class and a monthly camp out. Scouts are expected to attend as many events possible. (at least half to master the skills we teach) The program is structured to be compatible with school work and participation in sports and other church and school activities.

  • Troop Meetings:

During the school year the troops meet once a week At least two adult Scouters are present at each troop meeting. Parents of Scouts may attend any meeting but are not required to do so. Waterloo has program plans for each troop meeting during the school year. After an opening ceremony, the Scouts will: Plan for monthly camp outs, practice skills learned at advancement class, play games, and meet with the adult leaders to review their progress on rank advancement and merit badges. Each meeting ends with a circle to recognize the Scouts’ achievements, to make announcements, and for a brief talk by a Scoutmaster.   

  • Monthly Camp out:

On the third weekend of each month, Waterloo Boy Scouts will go on a camp out. Most months we will leave on Friday afternoon and return around Sunday at noon. We camp a locations in Austin (e.g., Pioneer Farms, Camp Mabry, Nature Conservancy) and at locations within a 1-2 hour drive of Austin (e.g., Lost Pines Scout Reservation in Bastrop, Enchanted Rock State Park near Fredericksburg). Waterloo has the tents, cooking equipment and other camping gear the boys need including a trailer for hauling; transportation is provided with the help of parents and other adult leaders.  The camp outs provide an opportunity for Scouts to practice outdoor skills they learned at troop meetings and advancement classes including: cooking, backpacking, climbing, and nature study; increased opportunities to achieve rank and merit badge requirements occur on camp outs.  .



Parent Time Commitment:


Waterloo offers parents an opportunity to support the program with their time and talents; we encourage parent involvement at the pack and district level however, we realize that work and family responsibilities limit the ability of some parents to become involved; for this reason, Waterloo does not require parental involvement.  For those parents who want to become adult leaders, Waterloo offers many adult training opportunities in Scouting skills.


Cost of Scouting: 


The annual cost to participate in the Waterloo Boy Scout Program is about $134.00 for the first year and S100 for later years. Most of this cost is monthly camping fees that are spread over the school year. This is the cost for the program during the school year and does not include costs to attend camps and adventures during the Summer, Winter, and Spring school breaks. We will discuss those costs and how we help scouts with those costs below.

  • Camps and Adventures During School Breaks:

The cost for a Scout to attend a week-long summer or winter camp at Lost Pines in Bastrop is $200. The cost to attend other scout  camps in Texas or other states is the same or higher and there are also costs of transportation. Attending Philmont adventures, which  last longer than a week, costs about $400. The cost to attend 14-day national jamboree or other high adventure bases, including  transportation, is about $1200-$2500.

  • We are glad to report that Waterloo Scouts including Scouts from financially disadvantaged families have been able to attend many camp outs and adventures. Although donors enable Waterloo to offer “camperships” to help financially disadvantaged families pay for a large part of the costs. (The Capitol Area Council believes that no Scout should be denied a camp experience due to cost, and works to meet the need of all Scouts who want to enjoy the outdoor experience. This is done by providing financial assistance youth members of the Capitol Area Council who wish to attend one of our programs up to 50% of the total cost. To be eligible, a family must include details regarding family situation and Scouting participation. Limited funds are available to assist Scouts in the Capitol Area Council attending camp so the earlier you submit an application, the better. Request are approved when simple criteria are met.)

  • We ensure Waterloo Scouts still work to raise money for their trips;  Scouts earn money by selling popcorn, discount camp cards, and other items. Almost always, any Waterloo Scout willing to work to go on a camp or adventure has been able to do so. In Waterloo, we do our part to make Scouting available to every boy who wants it.